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Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Bother?

While not focused primarily on writing fantasy, I took a class on rewriting ... revising ... on learning what I need to do make a story work on the Saturday.  Always knew that getting an ending on the first draft was the beginning of writing a publishable book.  Now I know just how much hard work goes into making a story arc work, ie. keep a reader interested in the written word when visual equivalents are eager to hook your potential readers' attention.  'Twas enough to make you crawl back into your corner and cross your eyes.

All of which make me wonder why I submitted Dark Solstice, the story of Mariah and Linden's reconcilliation.  After learning all the things I didn't do properly in another manuscript, I wonder if I'm even ready to start submitting DS even if it's been rewritten upteen times.

Do have a good start on the next Renna's tale.  The ending is solidly in place.  The story itself sits at about a third of the way through when the big complication happens.  Oh, I've written notes to myself about where the story line is going, but these are just stepping stones to the end of the journey.  --  Yeah.  The pigs are still in the middle of things.


  1. I understand how you feel about submitting things. I have already re-written my "finished" manuscript four times. I submitted it to several places last year with no luck and am now stuck in my fifth revision wondering what possessed me to ever let it see the light of day before.

    Keep plugging, though! That's what I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to do.

  2. And ... with thousands of us writers in the boat, it's a wonder the thing hasn't capsized!

    Seriously, I do keep plugging ... will keep plugging in spite of my stupid hip. Shall we plug together?